SexPositive Belgium is een non-profit organisatie die een veiligere wereld wilt creëren door inclusieve, niet-veroordelende en wederzijdse interacties.

Sex-Positive World is a real and growing community of open-minded, alive, and awake people. This community provides a chance to explore, learn, and grow in a safe, welcoming, and consensual environment. We believe that sexual energy can be a powerful tool for transformation, healing, solidifying relationships, and building community, and we develop that energy in fun events that are generally free or carry a small cost to cover expenses.


We stand strong in our teachings of CONSENT, COMMUNICATION, CARE & RESPECT.

We are open for everyone: able or disabled, sexual or asexual, romantic or aromantic, monogamous or swinger, all races, genders & orientations, ...

This being said, we do not tolerate homophobia, transphobia, sexism, misogyny, misandry, racism, or any predatory behaviour. We do our best to create and hold a safe space for everyone.


We host touch positive happening, from clothes-on snuggles, to skin to skin encounters, to sensual massage classes.

The senses are the gateway to the brain, so we plan sensual feasts, naked yoga, dance parties, nature-oriented outings, concerts, and theater.

We plan events about sacred sexuality, swinging, fetishes, BDSM, and good old vanilla sexuality, plus allow other like-minded groups to post their events on our page. SPB welcomes people of all genders, orientations and relationshipstyles (mono & non-mono) of legal age of consent (except some lecture and educational events which are open to everyone). Sex-Positive is not just a Meetup group, it’s a real community. We want active, aware members who attend events, plan or host events, and bring as much to us as we bring to them. We like to play together because we trust each other. To join, please read the guidelines below and thoughtfully fill out the questions for new members. We actually read your answers carefully and may decline applications based on inadequate answers.


Sex-positivity is a social movement and philosophy which regards all consensual expressions of sexuality as healthy, encourages sexual pleasure and experimentation, places an emphasis on informed consent and advocates sex education and risk-aware sex. Sex-positivity makes no moral distinctions among types of sexual expression, orientation or identification, regarding these choices as matters of personal preference.
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We are a community of like-minded people, and a non-profit education and advocacy group. Using Meetup as a platform we sponsor events that promote the forming of a strong and well informed community of sex-positive people who support each other in their endeavors to lead richer, fuller, sexier, lives. Our mission is to improve the world by embracing the tenets of the Sex-Positive Movement. Most of our events fall into either the social, or workshop categories; others include festivals, fundraisers and field trips. We place a strong emphasis on community building.

**Educational Topics for Development**
~ Communication & Boundaries
~ Safety & Reason
~ Sex-Positive Parenting
~ Polyamory & other LoveStyles
~ BDSM & Power Exchange
~ Sacred Sexuality & Tantra
~ Gender, Orientation, Other Myths
~ Living the Sex-Positive Way
~ EcoSexuality

**Topics for Future Research Projects**
~ Slut Shaming
~ Involuntary Sexlessness
~ Labeling and Stigmas
~ Sex and Relationship
~ Shame and Guilt
~ STIs and Fear