Argentiniƫlaan 8000, 2030 Antwerpen

Punt. vzw is an organization that is committed to better support victims who have come into contact or are still in contact with sexually transgressive behavior (rape, sexual abuse, incest, sexual harassment, unwanted touches, someone who crosses your borders, etc. ). For the time being, our victim service is necessarily limited to the Antwerp region. In the current climate there is no umbrella organization that offers answers to the many questions about this theme. With punt. vzw we would like to bring much needed change to this. We do this by working on multiple levels.

First of all, PUNT. vzw wants to act as a primary care organization. Anyone who has ever been a victim of sexually transgressive behavior can come to us for a referral. POINT. vzw has an extensive database of therapists who work on the theme and were thoroughly screened by the organization. Referral takes place on the basis of an intake interview in which time is taken to clarify the applicant's request for help and then to look for the right care provider together.

We also offer guided contact with fellow sufferers for victims. These monthly discussion groups meet the need for recognition and are based on a strong belief in the power of shared experiences and advice.

Finally, we offeran awareness-raising component in which we want to pass on the expertise that exists in the non-profit organization. We provide lectures and workshops for a wide audience, from interested parties, to victims to professionals, on all possible themes that are often associated with this (trauma processing, setting boundaries, permission, male, female and x - victimization, rape, incest, sexual abuse, ...).