Mwanamke, which means woman in Kiswahili, is a not-mixed Afrofeminist Belgian collective.

It is also important to emphasize that we reject the idea that white or mainstream feminism would be universal in scope. The maternalist and neocolonial view of non-white women must be denounced and fought. We consider that black and Afro-descendant women must seize the weapons of their emancipation and self-determination themselves.

Our Afro-feminism is decolonial and intersectional. It is decolonial because we want to fight against the representations inherited from the colonial period assigned to black women and also to question certain representations that we ourselves sometimes integrated unconsciously. It is intersectional because it takes into consideration the different types of oppression suffered by black women (race, class, sex, sexual orientation, misogyny ...) and the intersections between them.