Ella stands for the crossroads of gender and ethnicity. ella wants to work actively from intersectional thinking in all sectors, to the women's movement and in immigrant civil society, in education, the social sector and the welfare sector. Ella refers to the maiden name of Sojourner Truth, the very first black feminist.

ella wants to question the constructions of gender and ethnicity. ella wants to deconstruct the gap between men and women. ella complains that femininity is constructed as the mirror image of masculinity, that ethnic minority is created as a mirror image of native Dutch. You become a foreigner by the disapproving gaze of the other, you become a woman in the eyes of the man. ella wants to question this exclusive form of identity constructions.

ella wants more room for self-determination and diversity. ella wants to break that black-and-white thinking, the we-they-discourse. ella therefore stands for anti-racist feminism and for sexist emancipation of ethnic minorities. ella stands for equal rights between men and women, between ethnic minorities and the native Dutch.

ella fights against racism, sexism and the combinations between them

ella is written in lowercase. Just like bell hooks, an important black feminist.

ella stands for emancipation at the crossroads of gender and ethnicity

ella offers expertise around intersections

ella seeks dialogue with boys and men

ella unites girls and women from all ethnic minorities

ella does not only want to complain but also do

ella informs, raises awareness, participates and emancipates

ella strives for an inclusive and intercultural society