Welcome at The Next Wave!


What are young feminists concerned about and how can we best help them? That is a question the Women's Council has been asking itself for some time. And who can answer that question better than young feminists themselves? That is why we launched The Next Wave. A tongue-in-cheek reference to the so-called feminist waves, but especially a name that should remind us that feminism is always in motion. With The Next Wave, we want to keep on learning.

We are currently working on this:

  • We want to inspire (young) people to become more involved in feminism. We try to to this via this website. When you go to the tab 'Tips', you'll find an overview of things to read, to listen to, organisations to follow, ... Do you have tips yourself that you'd love to share? Feel free to give us a shout!
  • Since 2018, we annually organise a Feminist Lab a three-day meeting for young feminists in which we search for concrete solutions for feminist issues. Offline meeting moments are crucial to build bonds and strengthen feminism. From 2021, we will organise these gatherings in a slightly different way - see tab 'Academy' for more information.
  • From February 2021 onwards, we will organise monthly The Next Wave Calls, where we will have conversations around certain themes. Is there a question burning on your mind? Are there certain issues you'd like to get input on from like-minded people? Would you like to host such a call yourself? Let us know!

Would you like to stay informed about any of the above or about everything we do? Then leave your details here!

If you have any tips, remarks, complaints ... don't hesitate to get in touch.