The Next Wave Manifesto 2022

“We believe in the strength of vulnerability.”

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We believe in

the strength of community and sharing a safe space
the strength of vulnerability
an equal, inclusive society where change is possible in connection with nature
creating change together, by working towards social justice
changing the system through power of community
a better world where nobody is left alone

Our intention is

to create a world that feels safe and where everybody feels welcome & loved
to create change through our vulnerability
to create more connection between people and the environment
to bring the voices of people that are unheard and to hold structures accountable
to keep fighting and to be part of the change that is necessary to make social justice happen
to create safe spaces by means of our own way of activism

Our motivation is

less suffering
a hopeful safer space for everyone that can spark change
a feminist, anti-racist, anti-classist world that is free of all forms of discrimination