22/4: The Next Wave Calls!

The Next Wave Calls are monthly video calls around a specific feminist theme. Everyone interested in gender equality and social justice in general is welcome to contribute to this online safe(r) space. In this space, you can meet other feminists, exchange thoughts, and probably find a lot of hope and inspiration - something we can all use in these polarised times.

Kopie van News

Living together starts from mutual respect and recognition of otherness. Integration requires an effort not only from the asylum seekers, but also from the receiving society. Would you like to hear more about the experience of women who fled to Belgium? What does it mean to flee? What does it mean to look for a new home?

Then be sure to register for the third session of The Next Wave Calls on Thursday 22 April from 7.30 pm to 9 pm.

Participation is free, but registration is required. You can register here.

During this session, we will talk with Vida Razavi about asylum, migration and gender, by means of The History of Her Story. This is an initiative to promote a positive new discourse on inclusion and integration of newcomers. The book (and the film of the same name) bring together stories of 21 refugee women from 15 countries. These powerful stories provide an opportunity to transform discrimination and negative perceptions of refugees into positive support from society.

More about our guest speaker

Vida Razavi is a social entrepreneur and staff member at the Women's Council, where she works on the theme of asylum and gender. Vida is a former asylum seeker and developed a vision and passion for a more inclusive society.

Read more about the book and the initiative here.